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Meet our crew

Our crew consists of experienced seafarers who know the shores of Kalajoki thoroughly. The SeaKalajoki team wishes to bring new experiences at the sea to our clients, whether it is by fishing or seatrips in general. Our clients safety at sea is our upmost priority.  

Our captain or main "skipper", as well as the founder and CEO of SeaKalajoki is Matti Hautala. Matti has spend time at the sea from early childhood, growing up in Yppäri. He started fishing already as a child, when Matti inherited fishing nets from his grandfather. Since then, Matti has spent time fishing quite often, almost daily. As a young man Matti did his military service in the navy, in Helsinki naval station, and managed to steer also bigger vessels. Matti has done his lifework in metal business, but decided to strive for the dream of spending more time at sea and produce marine experiences to also others. This is why SeaKalajoki was founded. DMS Matilda is the flagship of SeaKalajoki as well as Matti's pride and joy. The name comes from Matti's great-grandmother.