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Destination Rahja archipelago

Rahja archipelago is situated south from Kalajoki, in the middle of Bothnian Bay. The archipelago emerges from the sea due to land uplift, which makes the area and its natural features so unique. Most of the Rahja archipelago joined in the Natura 2000 site in 1998 and in the national shore conservation programme in 1990.

SeaKalajoki wishes to preserve the diversity of the Rahja archipelago. Co-operating with the Forestry Government of Finland, we wish to ensure sustainable tourism in the preservation area and to be involved in maintaining the nature and culture values of the Rahja archipelago. We are committed to the principles of sustainable tourism when working in Rahja archipelago. 

Rahja Archipelago will surprise you with its versatile birdlife! You can watch the birds from the comfort of onboard DMS Matilda through binoculars. Our skippers are delighted to tell you more about the different birds and help you to identify them. If you are really lucky, you will also sea seals sunbathing on the shore. 

We can also take you onshore on the archipelago, fishing or adventuring and searching for old paths on the islands, naturally bearing in mind the principles of sustainable tourism. 

Our base in the heart of the archipelago is also suitable for kota dinners etc. We can also arrange a sauna experience in a genuine Finnish sauna beside the sea - what a Finnish dream! 

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For more information, email: seakalajoki@gmail.com or tel. +358 40 575 7469